Update 5/12: Daily forecasts are still being worked on for speed/efficiency. However 7 day discussion should be posted nightly after my 1 year old goes to bed. Enjoy!

NorthGaWx was started in 2013 as a Facebook group by myself, Tyler Penland. I have a degree in Physics from the University of North Georgia and am a self-taught weather forecaster. I have been fascinated by the weather since a young age and found the forecast options across the northeast corner of the state to be somewhat, well, lacking. Thus I started Northeast Georgia Weather Information in 2013. This site followed shortly after in 2014. Since then I have forecasted for Now Habersham since 2015 and have seen the Facebook page max out at over 25,000 followers. Over the past few years I have let it fall to the side but plan to regroup with this website as time allows.

In the meantime, click around and check things out. New features will be added regularly and blog updates should restart soon.

Stay tuned……….

UPDATE 5/3- Have added warning links for each county under the daily forecasts tab. Generic daily forecast tab contains a forecast graphic covering the entire region. 48 hour forecasts will go live within the next 7-10 days for each county and room has been added to each page for that. Social links are working now as well so follow on FB/Insta for extra information. Blog posts can be found under “weather updates” and will be linked to each county page beneath the forecast soon. ~TW

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