The trends are in our favor for the moment, and something big could be coming around the bend. Just a quick update but basically here is what’s going on:

NOAA has been flying a bunch, and I mean a bunch, of planes today to gather information to plug into weather models because of the potential winter storm this weekend for mainly the east coast. However, the models have been trending westward with the precipitation all day long, and the latest really short range model that I happen to like (the RAP) is showing the energy to make said winter storm digging into a much more favorable position to eventually bring snow to our area. This is a very very low-confidence forecast at the moment, but by noon tomorrow we *could* I repeat *COULD* be looking at several inches of snow coming in Friday night-Saturday. Once again this is low-confidence but I wanted to alert you to the potential.

FULL update in the morning, possibly very early. 

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